WordPress is the most popular and widely used Content Management System (CMS). The reason for its huge popularity and user-base is the fact that it is quite easy to use and offers some really cool features such as the ability to use ready-made themes and plugins for your benefit. Plugins help you add desired features to your website to make it more efficient, thus provide enhanced user-experience to your visitors.

A huge amount of WordPress plugins are available out there on the web and every day new ones are being released; some of which are totally mind-blowing, while others might not be up to the mark. Plugins of all sorts are present out there which help you carry out a lot of different types of tasks easily and quickly. With such huge and quick influx of new plugins on the web, it is crucial to be updated with all the latest and best ones so that you can take advantage of them properly.

Below we are going to share a list of 10 Best Plugins For WordPress 2014. These plugins will help you improve the performance of your website a great deal. So check them out and pick the ones you like the best…


Query Monitor

Query Monitor-Wordpress Plugin

It is one of the most efficient and popular debugging plugins with unique and interesting features which are very useful in the debugging process. It displays HTTP Requests, Transients, Redirects, Ajax Call, Hooks, and PHP Errors.


Monster Widget

Monster Widget-Wordpress Plugin

It is called Monster Widget for a reason! It is an amazing plugin that boasts thirteen WordPress Core widgets like Text Widget, Category Widget, and Tag Cloud etc! It is easy-to-use, saves time and efficient! What more can one ask for?!


WordPress Style Guide

WordPress Style Guide plugin

WordPress Style Guide provides references for developing WordPress Admin UI. It boasts references for jQuery UI Components, Forms, Helper Classes, and Dashicons i.e. the new icon set used in MP6.


WordPress Reset

WordPress Reset Plugin

It does exactly what its name says — resetting WordPress to its initial state. This plugin helps you remove all the contents, additions, and customizations from the database; but does not remove the previously uploaded files.


Beta Tester

Beta Tester-Wordpress Plugin

This plugin allows updating to WordPress Beta, Release Candidate (RC), or Nightly version with ease and in no time! It thus provides you the ability of testing the compatibility of your theme or plugin with the upcoming version.


RTL Tester

RTL Tester-Wordpress Plugin

A lot of WordPress users read and write from right-to-left (RTL), so it is logical to test your theme or plugin in RTL mode. This plugin adds a RTL button to admin bar that allows switching between the right and left text direction.


Simply Show IDs

Simply Show IDs-Wordpress Plugin


Simply Show IDs allows adding a column at the right side of the table that shows entry IDs. This is useful as it help you in grabbing the ID for each entry such as Posts, Pages, Categories, Media, Links, and Tags.


Debug Bar

debug bar WordPress Plugin

As the name suggests, this plugin allows easy and quick debugging process. It provides a new ‘Debug’ menu on the admin bar that boasts cache, total queries, total queried time, and memory usage information. It also provides PHP Warnings and Notices that occur upon enabling WP_DEBUG.


Log Deprecated Notices

debug bar WordPress Plugin

This one is a really useful plugin which helps you find out the deprecated function, those functions which are not recommended for usage any longer, in themes and plugins. This awesome plugin even show you alternatives for those functions.


Theme Check

Theme Check-Wordpress Plugin

As the name hints, this awesome and handy plugin allows checking your theme against the present WordPress coding standards and best practice so that you can choose the best theme for your blog/website. It surely is a must for every WordPress user.