Instagram needs no introduction as it is one of the world’s most popular photo sharing website. Millions of people love it and use it on regular basis. Instagram has earned all the love by being extremely handy and easy to use – it not only makes sharing photos and short videos extremely quick and easy but also boasts some really cool photo editing tools and filters inside it as well as following the people you like to get to see their latest photos and also being followed by other people or your friends. Instagram combines social networking and photo-sharing making it a perfect tool for people. This is the reason why people of all age groups love this app.

There is no doubt about the fact that Instagram is a really cool app with lots of amazing features but there is always room for improvement and more awesome features; so this is where third-party tools and apps come to play their role. There are a lot of really useful Instagram tools available out there but not all of them are as useful as they are supposed to be. This is the reason why today we are going to share with you all a hand-picked list of 10 Must Have Instagram Web Tools and Apps of 2015. Check them out and put them to good use!

Here goes the list..


Instagram Tools – 1 – Justunfollow

Instagram Tools - 1 - Justunfollow

Manage your Instagram with as it is one of the easiest ways to do it. With you can find inactive users, your unfollowers, and you can follow/unfollow the users. You can also keep tabs on social media updates, stats and so much more.


Instagram Tools – 2 – Ink361

Instagram Tools - 2 - Ink361 is one of the most amazing web viewers to enjoy your Instagram photos. With it you can discover new friends/followers, connect with famous people and brands, you can organize your Instagram and analyze it.


Instagram Tools – 3 – Gramgrab

Instagram Tools - 3 - Gramgrab is a great, quick and easy to use web tool to grab your photos from Instagram to use elsewhere.


Instagram Tools – 4 – Oninstagram

Instagram Tools - 4 - Oninstagram is an amazing and easy to use web tool, with it you can check out worlds trending topics through Instagram photos, you can also search by country. So signup with Instagram and start using it.


Instagram Tools – 5 –

Instagram Tools - 5 –

Collecto is an amazing web platform where you can enjoy your Instagram photos.


Instagram Tools – 6 – Gramfeed

Instagram Tools - 6 - Gramfeed

Gramfeed means Instagram on the Web! Yes, with Gramfeed you can discover brands and people, find places with photos etc. You can also search Instagram images by Location and visualize photos on map. The best part is you can login with multiple accounts.


Instagram Tools – 7 – Instagram Downloader

Instagram Tools - 7 - Instagram Downloader

InstagramDownloader is an amazing windows tool to download Instagram photos with the click of a button. So login with your Instagram and start downloading images.


Instagram Tools – 8 – Iconosquare

Instagram Tools – 8 - Iconosquare

With Iconosquare you can analyze your Instagram account, total likes you get, your most liked photos ever, you followers’ growth charts and much more.


Instagram Tools – 9 –

Instagram Tools - 9 –

If you love cats and if you love Instagram , then just go to where you can find all the latest cat pictures on Instagram.


Instagram Tools – 10 – Unfollowers

Instagram Tools - 10 – Unfollowers is the best way to handle your Instagram and twitter accounts, with it you can manage your Instagram  following/ followers, you can know about the people who unfollowed you and much more.