Nowadays in every type of business creativity is very important as in the global market people are going too far to give different kind of flair to their product or servicers they offer — everyone wants to be different from others. As we can see there are so many techniques people are using to promote their business, such as unique and attention grabbing advertisements, different and creative packaging designs etc. The more unique your idea is, the more it will gain attention of the consumers.

Today we have decided to showcase some of the best, amazing and creative Book Packaging Designs for inspiration, especially for people who are affiliated with Packaging Designing.  So many young talented people are coming in this amazing and fast growing field of Packaging Designing from around the globe. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that presently we can see creativity at its best.

So you can see our list of 20 amazing, unique and creative Book Packaging Designs by some amazingly artistic and awesomely creative Packaging Designers. Check out the list by scrolling down and enjoy. 🙂


Mailbooks for Good

Designed by BMF 

Mailbooks for Good-Book Packaging Designs


The Little Book of Phobias

Designed by Taxi Studio 

The Little Book of Phobias-Book Packaging Designs


Rolling Words

Designed by Pereira & O’Dell 

Rolling Words-Book Packaging Designs


Matter New Year Gift

Designed by Matter Strategic Design  

Matter New Year Gift-Book Packaging Designs


Cass Art

Designed by Pentagram  

Cass Art-Book Packaging Designs


Librito de mí

Designed by Atolón de Mororoa  

Librito de mí-Book Packaging Designs


ILoveDust x Macho Man Randy Savage

Designed by ILoveDust  

ILoveDust x Macho Man Randy Savage-Book Packaging Designs


Reel Art Press

Designed by Progress Packaging 

Reel Art Press-Book Packaging Designs


Juniper Park Moleskine

Designed by Juniper Park 

Juniper Park Moleskine-Book Packaging Designs


Changzhi Lee Portfolio

Designed by Changzhi Lee 

Changzhi Lee Portfolio-Book Packaging Designs


New York

Designed by  Henrik Persson

New York-Book Packaging Designs


The Water Of Life (Student Project)

Designed by Christer Dahlslett  

The Water Of Life (Student Project)-Book Packaging Designs


Lapp & Fao Chocolate Books

Designed by Nils R. Zimmermann 

Lapp & Fao Chocolate Books-Book Packaging Designs


Greg Straight’s Portfolio POW!!

Designed by THINK Packaging & Greg Straight

Greg Straight's Portfolio POW!!-Book Packaging Designs


Na Teia Do Morcego

Designed by Casa Rex 

Na Teia Do Morcego-Book Packaging Designs


I’m a sampler book (Student Work)

Designed by Jen Ying 

I'm a sampler book (Student Work)-Book Packaging Designs



Designed by modern8 

Nucleus-Book Packaging Designs


Draw In Light

Designed by Weareuseful  

Draw In Light-Book Packaging Designs



Designed by Bili Cardona 

Entierro-Book Packaging Designs


AAA Dream Musuem

Designed by Studiowill  

AAA Dream Musuem-Book Packaging Designs


7 for Exploramas

Designed by Alejandro de Antonio  

 7 for Exploramas-Book Packaging Designs