The world of packages designing is growing day by day as so many young, creative and talented people are affiliated with this field around the globe with their amazing, unique and creative ideas. Designers are working days and nights to design something different, interesting and eye-catching which can easily grab the attention of consumers and make its own identity in the world.

We use soap on daily basis and soaps are essential for everyone. There are so many kinds of different soap brands in the market that the computation is really tough.  New and creative packaging of any product always plays a big role for advertizing and grabbing the attention of consumers.  We all are attracted towards a different and new thing, so if we want to make our consumer interested in the product one of the most important thing to do is to make the product packing appealing which has the power of holding the attention.

So today we are going to showcase some amazing, creative and interesting soap packages designs for inspiration. Scroll down and check out our list of 20 Creative Soap Packages Design. Enjoy


Morfroze Polyhedron Soap (Concept)

by Yevgeny Razumov

MORFOZE_SOAP_02-Packages DesignLes Indiennes Soap Collection

Designed by Matteo Civaschi of H-57 Creative Station, Italy.

Les Indiennes Soap Collection-Packages Design

TV Soap Opera

TV Soap Opera-Packages DesignHudson Made Worker’s Soap

Designed by Hovard Design, United States.

Hudson Made Workers Soap-Packages DesignLiouguei Soap

Designed by Gidea Group, Taiwan.

Liouguei Soap-Packages Design

I’m Your Soap (Student Project)

Designed by Katy Jane Simpson, United Kingdom.

I'm Your Soap (Student Project)-Packages Design

 Bakewell Soap (Concept)

Designed by DZINE MAFIA, United Kingdom.

Bakewell Soap (Concept)-Packages Design

 Ivory Soap Special Edition

Designed by Deirdre Launt, United States.

Ivory Soap Special Edition-Packages Design

 Savon du Midi (Student Work)

Designed by Carla Cascales Alimbau, Spain.


 The Disappearing Package – NIVEA Bar Soap

A Masters Thesis Project by Pratt Institute student Aaron Mickelson.

The Disappearing Package - NIVEA Bar Soap-Packages Design

 Botanicascent Reversible

Designed by Jesvin Yeo, Singapore.

Botanicascent Reversible-Packages Design

 Jordan Shmulyck Soap

Designed by Spaincreative, Spain.

Jordan Shmulyck Soap-Packages Design

 Beach Day Bath Soap (Student Work)

Designed by Rebecca Kelner.

Beach Day Bath Soap (Student Work)-Packages Design


Designed by Treasure, United Kingdom.

Sustain-Packages Design

 Nostalgia Organics

Nostalgia Organics-Packages Design

 Soap & Paper Factory

Soap & Paper Factory-Packages DesignNitey Nite Soap (Student Project)

Designed by Mina Markovic , Serbia.

Nitey Nite Soap (Student Project)-Packages DesignJoveg® – Natural Pet Care

Designed by FABULOUSdesign, Germany.

Joveg® – Natural Pet Care-Packages Design

 Kir & Pas Soap

Designed by Hande Guler, Turkey.

Kir & Pas Soap-Packages DesignSNZ

Designed by Baita Design Studio, Brazil.

SNZ-Packages Design