Business cards are essential for every business. No one would take your company/business seriously if you don’t have a business card. Business cards play an important role in providing all the essential information, such as your name, your position in the company and contact information etc, about you and your business on just a small piece of card so that any potential client/customer who wishes to contact you can easy do so. It makes everything so much more easier!
Business card design trends change every now and then, and the latest trend is that of clean and minimal designs. Modernity and minimalistic designs are the latest trend in the design industry. In this fast track work, modernity is essential. Nowadays, everyone wants their business cards to be simple, to-the-point, minimalistic yet very attractive and beautiful. This thing places a tough job in the hands of designers, who have to make sure to create a neat, tidy, clean, simple and minimal yet elegant and attractive business card!

So for all our designer friends out there, today we are going to present a list of 25 Clean and Minimalistic Business Card Designs. So check them out, get inspired and create something equally amazing as these examples for inspiration. Here goes the list…




Slate – Business Card

Slate - Business Card





Complex – Business Card

Complex - Business Card

V7 /// Minimal Business Cards

V7 Minimal Business Cards

Has Bean Business Cards

Has Bean Minimalistic Business Card

MEBIUS business cards

MEBIUS Minimalistic Business Card

Lindsay Lane business card

Lindsay Lane Minimalistic Business Card

Stephane Reverdy Business card

Stephane Reverdy Minimalistic Business Card

Zach Fuhr business cards

Zach Fuhr Minimalistic Business Card

Brave People business cards by Mama’s Sauce.

Brave People business cards by Mama's Sauce

el estudio™ — business cards

el estudio™ — Minimalistic Business Card

NK • Norske Kunsthåndverkere on Branding Served

NK · Norske Kunsthåndverkere on Branding Served Minimalistic Business Card

La Montaña

La Montaña Minimalistic Business Card

Minimalist Business Cards

Minimalist Business Card

The Ninetys by Anton Burmistrov

The Ninetys by Anton Burmistrov Minimalistic Business Card

Warby Parker Business Cards, designed by High Tide NYC

Warby Parker Minimalistic Business Card


Cemento minimal business cards

Alex Felter business cards

Alex Felter minimal business cards

Anthony Wyborny Business Cards

Anthony Wyborny Minimalistic Business Card

Abbey Conseil

Abbey Conseil Minimalistic Business Card

Léa Munsch

Léa Munsch Minimalistic Business Card

Around 1985

Around 1985 - Minimalistic Business Card

Nick Kozak Business Cards

Nick Kozak Minimalistic Business Card