Typography is an ancient art and technique. It is an essential part of any kind of design project, as fonts are used in many projects such as web designing, logo designs, card printing etc… Around the globe millions of graphic designers are designing so many different kinds of fonts as it plays a very big part in design and makes it more interesting and creative. When we use some creative and unique fonts in any design, the whole look of the project changes and a simple thing becomes super interesting.  And on the other hand a font which is not suitable for a certain design will definitely make the whole design look tacky.

A font has the power to give the required look and feel to any design and make it look more attention-grabbing and interesting. Today we have decided to showcase some of the best and interesting 30 Amazing Free High Quality Gothic & Horror Fonts for your design project  to make it little spooky.

All these Horror Fonts are awesomely creative and unique, so scroll down and check out our list of 30 Amazing Free High Quality Gothic and Horror Fonts. You can always pick the ones you like the most. Check out and enjoy! J



Nightmare 5 Horror Font


Creepsville Horror Font


Survival Horror

Survival Horror Horror Font


Blood Crow

Blood Crow - Horror Font


Cannibal Corpse

Cannibal Corpse Horror Font



HoMicIDE EFfeCt Horror Font


Plasma Drip Font

Plasma Drip Font Horror Font


You Murderer Font

You Murderer Font Horror Font


Resident Evil

Resident Evil Horror Font


13th Ghostwrite

13th Ghostwrite - Horror Font



Splywaj Horror Font


BN Manson Nights

BN Manson Nights Horror Font


Vtks espinhuda

Vtks espinhuda Horror Font





Cold Night for Alligators

Cold Night for Alligators Horror Font


Friday 13

Friday 13 Horror Font


Brutal Tooth

Brutal Tooth Horror Font


October Crow

October Crow Horror Font


CF My Bloody Valentine

CF My Bloody Valentine Horror Font


Oh No

Oh No Horror Font


Ghastly Panic

Ghastly Panic Horror Font


Scary Halloween

Scary Halloween Horror Font


Exquisite Corpse

Exquisite Corpse Horror Font



Spiderfingers Horror Font



Lycanthrope Horror Font


Black Asylum

Black Asylum- Horror Font


MB Thin Worms

MB Thin Worms Horror Font



Nyctophobia Horror Font