Logos are an essential part of every kind of business to tell people what your company is all about. It plays big role in representing your business and what your company or organization does / offer. In the corporate world we see so many different styles of company logos, some are unique and artistic some are not very pleasing, and boring.

Choosing a logo design is not as simple as we think, there are so many things which we should keep in mind when we are going to select a logo for our business. First of all, a logo design should be according to our business so that it represents the company nicely. Color of the logo also plays a huge part, the more unique, and artistic and interesting your logo is; the more it will grab the attention of the clients.

So today I have decided to showcase 30 Creative and Amazing Vintage / Retro Style Logos for your Inspiration as I am a huge fan of retro, old school designs. Scroll down and see our list of 30 Amazing Vintage/ Retro Style Logos for Inspiration. Enjoy!


The Front Porch

The Front Porch- Vintage Logo

Aunty Fee’s Bakehouse 

Aunty Fee's Bakehouse- vintage logo

Grease Monkey

Grease Monkey - Vintage Logo


Lavender Fastener Company

Lavender Fastener Company - Vintage Logo



Kroman - vintage logo


Pixelfly - Vintage Logo


The Midnight Jam

The Midnight Jam- Vintage Logo



Хуторок- Vintage Logo


Vintage Steels

Vintage Steels- Vintage Logo


Steele Glassworks

Steele Glassworks- Vintage Logo


American Billiards Service

American Billiards Service - Vintage Logo


running ball
running ball- vintage logo

Anvilvideo Productions

Anvilvideo Productions- Vintage Logo



Cutler-Hammer - Vintage Logo


The Redemption

The Redemption- Vintage Logo


The Clean Cut

The Clean Cut- Vintage Logo


Chuck’s Garage

Chuck’s Garage - Vintage Logo


Manor Coffee

Manor Coffee - Vintage Logo


Greyston Bakery

Greyston Bakery - Vintage Logo


Sleeping Owl

Sleeping Owl- Vintage Logo


Barrel Roll Creative

Barrel Roll Creative - Vintage Logo


Funk Shed

Funk Shed - Vintage Logo


Render Engine

Render Engine - Vintage Logo


Betty Who

Betty Who- Vintage Logo


Retro Wall Street

Retro Wall Street- Vintage Logo


Family Classic Cars

Family Classic Cars - Vintage Logo


The Astor Theatre

The Astor Theatre- Vintage Logo


Tokyo Bicycles

Tokyo Bicycles- Vintage Logo


Hypnotic Design

Hypnotic Design - Vintage Logo


Walker Tire

Walker Tire- Vintage Logo