There are so many people who become the target of laptops, tablets and smartphones theft; sometimes we forget our laptops, tablets and smartphones in hotels, restaurants, shopping mall etc, but when we go back to take our things back, there is usually no sign of it. Once we lose our laptop, tablet or smartphones, we will lose it forever and this is a real heartbreak because all these things are quite expensive and have all our important data like our documents, pictures, videos etc.

The question is how be recover our laptop, tablet or smartphones and how to bring it back once it’s lost or stolen? The answers is simply use an anti theft software for laptops, tablets and smartphones. Now you must be thinking what exactly is an anti theft software? Anti theft software helps you to recover your lost devices. What you have to do is to simply download it in your devices and it will help you to locate, track and lock down your lost or stolen devices, and you will easily recover your devices with it.

Today I have decided to show case some of the best anti theft software which will help you to recover and get back your beloved laptops, tablets and smartphones. So please go ahead and check out our list of 7 Anti Theft Software For Laptops, Tablet and Smartphone, All these software are a great help when it comes to recovering your devices. Check them out and enjoy.


Norton™ Anti-Theft

Norton is one of the most famous and award-winning antivirus and security software provider around the world. Norton Anti-Theft helps you to instantly locate, follow, and lock down your lost or stolen laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Norton™ Anti-Theft


Prey Anti Theft

With prey anti theft you can easily track, lock and find your lost and stolen laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Prey Anti Theft


LoJack Absolute

When it comes to data protection and recovering your lost or stolen laptop, tablet or smartphone trust LoJack absolute anti theft software. LoJack provides an easy way to find your stolen devices.

Lojack Anti Theft



GadgetTrak provides a range of security software; it is really helpful in recovering your lost or stolen devices such as laptops, mobile phones, flash drives, external hard drives and more.

GadgetTrak Anti Theft



Undercover is a unique anti theft and theft-recovery application for Mac OS X users which can prove to be really useful in case your device gets lost or stolen.

Undercover Anti Theft


Front Door Software

Front Door Software is patented laptop security and recovery software. With it you can prevent theft / accidental loss and track and recover your lost or stolen devices.

Front Door Software Anti Theft



With Laptop Cop you can track and recover your lost or stolen devices quickly and easily. If you have lost your laptop you just have to activate Laptop Cop and it will keep you up to date with all the activities the thief is doing, such as his personal logins, emails, instant messages, keystrokes, screenshots, etc.