VBS viruses are the ones that are written in the Visual Basic Script (VBS). It is a category of viruses that run on the VBS interpreter. These viruses are quite widespread nowadays and are causes of annoyance for many people out there. Especially the .vbs script virus, which is also known as shortcut virus is a nuisance as it is quite persistent and hard to get rid of. This virus can be transmitted from USB memory drives such as flash drives, USB pen drives or external hard drives and a computer’s hard disks. This virus has the ability to create shortcuts on the USB or on your PC which will not open up once your remove the USB and insert it again into the PC. This thing can be disastrous as it will render your USB useless in case of data transfers – which you obviously don’t want.

This VBScript virus or shortcut virus also slows down your computer a great deal (honestly, it would take ages for your PC to start!), cause a lot of pop ups to appear out of nowhere suddenly or maybe even corrupt your Windows for good. I have personally experience the annoyance caused by this virus as my USB drives, PC, and digital camera have all been a victim of this virus. I had tried all possible means for removing this virus such as running extensive antivirus scans, running all sorts of command or even deleting the shortcuts again and again but nothing was of help and I had finally made up my mind to buy myself a new USB drive or learn to live with it when all of a sudden I stumbled across an amazing tool that actually worked and got rid of the VBS worm! It cleaned all my USBs and PCs in less than 10 minutes and also vaccinated them against it– all the well deserved credit to the developer of this tool. This tool, that worked as a magic bullet is called UsbFix by El Desaparecido.

UsbFix Logo

Below is a step-by-step procedure of what to do:

1. Download UsbFix on your PC. Click HERE to download.

2. Insert your infected USB or any other infected device onto your PC but do NOT open them. Make sure it is detected by your PC (you will see the blinking light).

3. Run the UsbFix.exe you just downloaded. [Note: if your regular antivirus alerts you against UsbFix, make sure to ignore it and temporarily deactivate the antivirus]

4. Click on ‘Deletion’ button.

UsbFix 2

5. Then let the process finish… (Sometimes the process would stay at 51% for 2-3 minutes–Don’t panic, just wait.)

UsbFix 3

6. Voila! Your devices plus PC are free of this virus!

Use this tool and delete this virus and keep your devices and PCs save from this virus which can spread on all of your USBs, memory devices, hard disks and digital cameras etc like fire.



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