i-Ox Smartphone Grip

Introducing the i-Ox Smartphone Grip from GIC Nexus, your new phone accessory so state of the art and simple, you wonder how you ever went without it. It will instantly add a new look to your device that’s as fun as it is practical.

What if you had a gadget so revolutionary it changes the very nature of your smartphone and other electronic devices? The i-Ox will give you the freedom needed to multi-task like a pro! It gives you an improved experience while typing, gaming, photographing, browsing the web, working and reading.

i-Ox Smartphone Grip

So how does it work? Easy! You simply clip the streamlined i-Ox on to the back of your smartphone or electronic device, extend the ring, slip it onto your finger and start enjoying this ingenious device in full control. It’s slim, unobtrusive and will provide you with a new sense of freedom.

Tired of finding a place to rest it while trying to watch a movie, simply extend the ring and rest it on any surface for easy viewing.
As technology advances, it’s important to keep up. The i-Ox is unique in both design and function. Be extraordinary, stand out from the crowd and be that person to start the new craze! Sit back, relax and let the i-Ox do its thing. Give yourself the steadiness and peace of mind to truly enjoy your device.

Buy It From Here: www.i-ox.com/store